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In this article, we are going to be reviewing one of Bose’s finest piece of art, the Bose 901. This speaker system certainly belongs to the high-end systems that can be purchased for $1,398.00 from!

Bose, as many of you may know, produce some of the best audio gear worldwide and is well respected their amongst competitors.

Bose 901

Bose 901


The company was built by Amar Bose, who was a brilliant sound engineer and one of the earliest models with the brand name was the Bose 901. Up until now, a total of 6 Series have been released to the public up, each one improving upon each other with their design and overall all performance so that the latest model has about 350 enhancements when compared to the first edition.

The Bose 901 Series VI has been released in 1988 and thus can’t be compared to higher tech models of the present day. I may not have all the fancy features Canton, Logitech and other manufacturers incorporate into their devices but its sound quality is so crisp that it has been voted on of the most astonishing speaker systems in the universe.

Before I dive into the actual review, I will briefly outline the specifications of this model.

Bose 901 – Specs:

  • Each speaker has 9 full range drivers that create sound so precise and clear that will make you feel like you are sitting in a modern theater
  • The active equalizer ensures that the noises its created are well-balanced and do not sound unrealistic
  • Features the Acoustic Matrix enclosure that will allow the device to reduce chamber noises and fabricate even more lucid sound
  • It weighs 16 Kg (about 35 labs) and is 533 x 320 x 330 mm in size
  • You can purchase them in the color Walnut or “Glossy Black
  • It create 450 Watts of power with a nominal impedance of 8 Ohms
  • The small equalizer weighs about 1.5 Kg (2.5 lbs) and has the following dimensions: 6.4 x 33 x 12.6 cm

Ok, now that we have covered the specs, when can talk about how well the Bose 901 performs when watching movies and listening to music.

Testing the Bose 901:

The key to getting the desired quality with the Bose 901 is correct positioning. Since they are older, most inbuilt drivers face forward and therefore you have to play around with the positioning until you get it right.

You have to be sure not to place them to far into the corners of your room because it will probably create the exaggerated stage-like sounds that many people have an issue with. Also depending on how large your room is, it becomes more and more important to fine tune your settings as the room gets tinier.

After connecting everything properly, I decided to watch a few minutes of a known blockbuster called “Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen” to test the audio performance.

Here are my observations: The bass is very powerful, maybe even a little to much, which dampens the voices considerably. Lowering the bass does improve the overall quality but I am little disappointed by the balance of acoustic, bass & treble.

Don’t get me wrong here because it still is better than probably 90% of sound systems out there but it is not a thrilling thing to pull out that amount of cash and not be blown away but how great they should be.

Of course, you do have the option to buy more expensive cables since they do make a huge difference. It that case I would recommend purchasing the AudioQuest Copperhead ones, which cost about 39$ per pair and teases the most out of this unit.

Bose 901 AudioQuest Copperhead Cables

The thing I like most about the Bose 901 is certainly its design. They stand so elegant in your room that you can’t help looking at them instead of the TV screen, especially since the little shiny Bose logo attracts a crap load of attention to any guests, who have entered you room for the first time.

Also, because you cant change 1 million different settings like with more higher tech models on the market, you won’t drive yourself crazy looking for the perfect adjustment. Once the speakers stand in the right position, it is very ready to get going.

The music genre you enjoy listening will ultimately decide whether you will merely be happy or literally fall in love with the Bose 901. For all my techno freaks out there, it probably can’t go much better than this one because it will make your house seem like “continents are clearly drifting” below your feet. Slow jazz music on the other hand is not its strength though.

Conclusion for the Bose 901:

Although I was slightly dissatisfied with the some of the aspects the Bose 901 brings with it, I still have to highly recommend it to anyone looking for a price worthy high-end sound system that will make you “king of the block”.

Although it can be considered antique, I still wonder how Bose managed to create such an extraordinary product that are more than 20 years old now. Just read the reviews on the Amazon website and see for youself what people are saying about their investment.

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